AAG Cyberinfrastructure Specialty Group (CISG)

CISG in GIS in the Rockies 2010

KML & the Modified- (or Pseudo-) Mercator Projection

Michael P. Finn and Benjamin Tuttle organized a special session on "KML & the Modified- (or Pseudo-) Mercator Projection" on behalf of the GIS Division of ASPRS and the Cyberinfrastructure Specialty Group of the AAG at GIS in the Rockies 2010, Loveland, CO.

The session featured the following presentations:

Benjamin Tuttle
National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
"Harnessing KML and Google Earth to Visualize Your Data"

Jackson Cothren
University of Arkansas
"Using Google Maps as a Source of Ground Control for the CORONA Archaeological Atlas"

Noel Zinn
Hydrometronics LLC
"Web Mercator: Non-Conformal, Non-Mercator"

Mano Marks
"New Geo features at Google: Google Earth 5.2, Fusion Tables, and more"

The session was very well attended with a standing-room-only crowd of more than 100 persons!

A picture of the presenters:
(L-R): Mano Marks, Google, Inc.; Noel Zinn, Hydrometronics, LLC; Jackson Cothren, University of Arkansas; Benjamin Tuttle, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency; Michael P. Finn, U. S. Geological Survey.