AAG Cyberinfrastructure Specialty Group (CISG)

Student paper competition winners

Previous Winners

  • 1st place ($300 cash + card-certificate + 1-year student membership in AAG and CISG): Dylan Keon, Oregon State University, "The Tsunami Computational Portal: Distributed Infrastructure for Executing and Comparing Multiple Computational Models"
  • 2nd place ($100 cash + card-certificate + $10 Vegas slot machine cash card): Hyowon Ban, Ohio State University,"Representing and Negotiating Uncertain Exurban Concepts with User Evaluation"
  • 3rd and 4th places respectively ($100 cash + card-certficate) Wenwen Li, George Mason University, "An Enhanced Feature Matching Model for Similarity Measurement on the Semantic Web" Ick Hoi (Rick) Kim, San Diego State University, "Developing a Geospatial Web Portal for GIS Simulation and Visualization on the TeraGrid"