Group Project Resources

Project 2 (15 points) released on Feb. 24, and due on March 19.

Requirements for Project 2:
1 (report, 5 points) - Identify and explain spatial elements that are related to your 
  case study
2 (report, 5 points) - Describe how these spatial elements are incorporated and managed 
  based on PostGIS
3 (hands-on, 5 points) - Import and organize your spatial data into PostGIS

Project 3 (15 points) released on April 5, and due on April 19.

Requirements for Project 3:
1 (hands-on, 8 points) - Import all your spatial data into GeoServer
2 (report, 7 points) - Describe the steps (note: these are not the tutorial steps, 
  you need to do some research) GeoServer takes to import your data

Project 4 (15 points) will be released on April 19, and due on May 3.

Requirements for Project 4:
1 (hands-on, 8 points) - Visualize all your spatial data as map layers using OpenLayers 
  with the default OpenLayers background.
2 (report, 7 points) - Based on your hands-on experience, describe the strengths and 
  weaknesses of on-line mapping based on OpenLayers, and design your plans to enhance
  your projects by exploiting the strengths of OpenLayers.


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