Geographic Information Systems/Science - Advanced Topics (GEOG: 595), Fall 2009

This course covers advanced topics in geographic information systems and science, a rapidly growing field. It is intended to familiarize students with GIScience literature and the state of the art GIS technologies and applications. The course will be held primarily in a discussion format combined with hands-on and writing projects. One or two tours of cutting edge GIS facilities within the CIGI ( and NCSA ( are also planned. Each student is encouraged to investigate a topic of the student’s own interest.

Specifically, a stimulating and interactive classroom environment is expected based on discussions, presentations, group projects, and individual research. During the first half of the semester we will focus on peer-led group discussions and presentations to examine key concepts, theories, and methods from the literature. The second half of the semester will focus on students’ evolving papers and projects, with feedbacks from peers and the instructor. Each student is expected to gain insights from the curriculum as well as to advance her/his research agenda at-large.

Instructor: Dr. Shaowen Wang


Course Outline

What follows is a general outline of the topics that will be covered in this course. Because of scheduling uncertainty, it should be treated as a tentative schedule that will change as the semester progresses.

Week General Content Reading Assignments
1-2 Introduction and Background Tobler(1970); Peuquet(1988); Chrisman(1999)
1-2 Sharing of Students’ Interests
3 Literature Search (No Class)
4 NCSA Touring
5-6 Coupling between GIS and Environmental Modeling Argent (2004); Gooddall and Maidment (2009); Karssenberg and Jong (2005)
7-8 Spatial Data Deluge Jackson et al. (2008); Tobler (1987); Valbuena et al. (2009)
9-10 Spatial Analysis and Modeling Creel and Goffe (2008); CSISS-ABM (2001)
Research Presentations
10-11 Digital Earth and Cyberinfrastructure Grossner et al. (2008); Goodchild (1997)
11-12 Spatial Provenance Bose and Frew (2004); Simmhan et al. (2005)
13-14 Novel Applications Bithell and Brasington (2009)
14-16 High Performance and Collaborative GIS / Future GIS Wang and Liu (2009)
Research Presentations


Why You Don't Care


Grades will be awarded using guidelines provided by the University grading system for graduate courses.