Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GEOG: 379), Spring 2008

Instructor: Dr. Shaowen Wang
TA: Miriam Cope

The goal of this course is to introduce students to the basic principles and applications of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The principles presented in lectures are designed to give you the basic knowledge needed to use GIS software effectively and correctly. Principles to be covered include: map projections, GPS, spatial representation, visualization and spatial analysis. Laboratory exercises are designed to familiarize students with GIS software and ground the more theoretical classroom discussions in practical applications.


Lecture Notes - Introduction and Background
Lecture Notes - Cartography History and Geodesy
Lecture Notes - Geodesy
Lecture Notes - Projections and Coordinate Systems
Lecture Notes - Getting the Map into the Computer
Lecture Notes - Maps as Numbers: The First Part
Exam I Review
Lecture Notes - Maps as Numbers: The Second Part
Lecture Notes - GPS
Lecture Notes - Organize Data for Analysis
Lecture Notes - Buffer
Exam II Review
Lecture Notes - Overlay
Lecture Notes - Spatial Interpolation
Lecture Notes - Future GIS

Lab Handouts

Lab Data
Lab Data - Lab 1
Lab Data - Lab 2
Lab Data - Lab 3

Supplemental Readings

Interesting Events