Computer Assistant – Systems Programming/Administation

Rate: 10-15$/hr and/or negotiable depending on experience

Hours: 10-20 hrs/week – flexible work schedule during semester

Job Duration: begins immediately – no end date

Job Description: An undergraduate/graduate computer assistant position is open within the CyberGIS Center for Advanced Digital and Spatial Studies (CyberGIS Center), starting immediately. A successful candidate will work on one or more projects related to geospatial applications, and advanced cyberinfrastructure.

A successful candidate will get to work on cutting-edge cyberinfrastructure systems . Applicants with prior experience in system administration and/or basic programming/scripting capabilities are preferred.

Students will get to work in a world-class research group setting, and have close interactions with faculty, staff, and other students within CyberGIS Center. Students who can atleast work for 10 hrs during the semester and are able to continue working during summer and the next academic year will be preferred. Stipend depends on qualification and extension after the first semester depends primarily on performance.

Preferred Skills

  • Experience in administering Linux (e.g. Red Hat Enterprise and/or Debian) or Unix systems;
  • Experience with installing and configuring OpenStack cloud and/or Hadoop/Spark systems will be a plus;
  • Working knowledge of scripting languages (e.g. Bash, Csh, Perl, Python);
  • Have excellent troubleshooting capability;
  • Be able to work independently in a cross-functional collaboration environment with multiple teams; and
  • Have excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

Please send resumes via e-mail to Laura Martin (