Student Developer

The CyberGIS Center ( have multiple student developer openings, starting immediately. The successful candidates will have the opportunity work on a variety of research projects in the center. Successful applicants would expect to work in a world-class GIS research group setting, and have close interactions with faculty, staff, and other students within the center.

The center is hosted at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA). We operate a dedicated CyberGIS supercomputer which has a hybrid architecture with parallel computing cluster, data intensive computing (Hadoop cluster), and cloud computing (OpenStack private cloud). The center has extensive collaboration with on-campus and external research teams in geographic information science, social science, hydrology, earth science, biology, agriculture, public health, and engineering sciences.

Student developers for this position will have the opportunities to work and develop one or multiple of the following technical topics:

  • Web and mobile programming: web mapping (OpenLayers, Leaflet, ArcGIS), web programming frameworks (ExtJS, AngularJS, ReactJS, jQuery), HTML5 (2D/3D rendering with Canvas, WebGL), server-side scripting (PHP, NodeJS, Python/Django, Apache), UI/UX design
  • Service building: Web services (REST/SOAP/OGC), messaging server (RabbitMQ, Redis), databases (MySQL, PostGIS, Cassandra, Accumulo, MongoDB), streaming APIs (Twitter)
  • Computing: cloud (OpenStack, Docker, JupyterHub), HPC (cluster computing), parallel computing (MPI, OpenMP, GPU, high-throughput computing), data intensive computing (MapReduce, Spark, Hadoop)
  • Software engineering: Git/Bitbucket, JIRA, Jenkins, Matlab, HPC performance profiling, numerical code optimization, Agile programming (Scrum)
  • Algorithms and applications: spatial analysis, spatial statistics, spatial data mining and machine learning, spatial optimization, simulation and modeling
  • System Administration: manage, analyze, and tune performance of HPC, Hadoop, and cloud systems

Undergraduate students who are able to continue working during summer and the next academic year are preferred. Stipend depends on qualification and extension after the first semester depends on performance and funding availability.

For this position, student developers must be passionate about programming and possess sufficient knowledge and experience in programming languages and tools. Experience in building open source software and familiarity with software engineering practice are preferred.\

Please send resumes via e-mail to

Rate: $10-15.75/hour based experience
Job Duration: begins immediately – no end date

  • 10-20 hours per week - flexible work schedule during semester
  • 20-40 hours per week or more during summer