Group Meetings - Spring 2006

Fall 2006 - Spring 2006 - Fall 2005

Date Work and Paper Presenters
January 9 2006 Jian Zhou
Exploration and Evaluation of Several Grid Computing Tools
Shaowen Wang
Grow-Outlook for 2006
January 30 2006 Ransom Briggs
Peer-to-Peer Replication Strategies
Liu Yan
Decentralized Search in Networks Using Homophily and Degree Disparity
February 6 2006 Invited Guest Speaker: Jun Yan
Parallelizing Large Matrix Computation in MCMC of Spatial Statistics
February 13 2006 Eric Shook
Coming Soon
Junfeng Zheng
Wide Area Data Replication for Scientific Collaborations
February 20 2006 Wenli He
Using PLAPACK in Teragrid
Anand Padmanabhan
Skip-webs: efficient distributed data structures for multi-dimensional data sets
February 27 2006 Liu Yan
NoG: A High Throughput Approach to Combinatorial Search on Grids
March 6 2006 (paper) Ransom Briggs
Peer-to-Peer Caching Schemes to Address Flash Crowds
March 20 2006 (work) Shaowen Wang
A Fast Two-Dimensional Inverse Distance Weighted Interpolation Algorithm
March 27 2006 (work) Yan Liu
GISolve: A GIScience Gateway to Computational Grids
April 3 2006 (paper) Wenli He
Libra: An economy driven job scheduling system for clusters
April 17 2006 (work) Anand Padmanabhan
April 24 2006 (work) Ransom Briggs
May 22 2006 Invited Guest Speaker: Shaoping Xiao
The Need of High-Performance Computing (Grid Computing) in Computational Nanotechnology