December 17th CIGI Holday Party RSVP/Signup Sheet

If you would like to leave a link describing the type of dish you will be bringing, please do so below the table.

Name Bringing a guest? Food being brought Any allergies/dietary restrictions/etc.? Need a ride? Can Provide a Ride?
Julie No If needed No Yes No
Su No some rice based Korean Food (haven't decided, yet) No No Not Sure
Babak No If needed No No Yes
Varun No If needed Yes (vegetarian) Yes No
Yanli Yes Some meat No Yes No
Kai No Drink No No Yes
Guofeng No Something awesome yet to be decided No No Yes
Zhenhua Yes Still fruits No Yes No
Connie No Fruit pie and vegetable tray No No Yes
Yongzheng Family member Some home-made cookies No Yes No
Wei my daughter to be decided No Yes No
Eric Family to be decided No peanuts please! My son is allergic. No No
Yan Family to be decided No No Yes for 3
Anand No Yes, some appetizers and dessert Yes (vegetarian) No Yes