Lab and Resources News

02-26-2007 - Announcing grow-dev1 & grow-gisolve

The first machines affected in GROW's Infrastructure Restructuring Plan are online. grow-dev1 is a dual-core dual-CPU Opteron machine that will be used for code development for grow-prod. This machine will allow GROW members to develop code for the production cluster in the same environment without risking the production cluster nodes. The machine is configured to mirror the environment you one would expect on the production cluster to aid in development. grow-gisolve is the portal server for the GISolve gateway. More information will be available shortly for this service.

02-23-2007 - Recovery of LCG complete

The Grid middleware on the LCG cluster has been reinstalled and reconfigured. The installation is complete and it is in production mode. Although this reconfiguration does not contribute to the restructuring plan, it was necessary to continue production operations on the LCG.

02-01-2007 - Initiate GROW's Infrastructure Restructuring Plan

The system infrastructure currently supporting GROW's members and research is increasingly strained. Several systems are overworked while others are largely under utilized. This plan includes a process to restructure the current systems into an infrastructure that will provide stability and scalability well into the future. This plan will increase the effective use of current servers and is complimented by a proposal for new servers to be integrated into this newly proposed infrastructure. This expansion and restructuring plan will ultimately reduce cost and increase system stability and efficiency by providing a planned design through which the infrastructure is built.

01-30-2007 - End of life for rtgrid1

rtgrid1 is now offline. It served as our OSG production cluster for many years, but with the announcement of grow-prod it is being turned off. The resource has been removed from OSG and the CE/gsiftp server associated with it has been disabled. The machine will remain online to internal members until all services and data has been safely migrated off. It will then be repurposed.

01-09-2007 - Announcing grow-prod

grow-prod is green! Our newest cluster, grow-prod, a 64 core Opteron cluster is online. This computational resource will be used by GROW members, collaborators, and partners to further scientific research and discovery. When the cluster is not in use by GROW its cycles will be shared with the Open Science Grid (OSG). OSG members cover many disciplines, from high-energy physics to nanotechnology and resources such as these provide the computational power needed to complete their research.

01-01-2007 - Wiki migration complete

The transfer to wiki is complete! The migration from a website created and maintained by hand was time-consuming and not without complications, but is now finished. All current and relevant projects have been moved to the new wiki format and will be maintained using only the wiki. Dokuwiki, the chosen wiki platform, presents a professional web interface for our collaborators and partners while providing an easy-to-edit wiki interface for GROW members. The new platform will foster collaboration between members by removing the need to coordinate versions and writing privileges. Its 'Plugin' extensions and simple code base allows GROW members to extend the original capabilities of the wiki to fully meet its demanding requirements.