CyberInfrastructure and Geospatial Information Laboratory Lab Manual

Personnel (HR)

Check-in and check-out

  • Either the administrative staff in the Geography Department office (Davenport 220) or the CIGI administrative assistant will go through the necessary steps of checking in and out lab members.

Check-in wiki pages:
New member engagement
Career development
Performance evaluation
Resource allocation

  • Web/wiki, desktop, mailing list, svn, publication repository: New lab members are given access to the Wiki, a desktop, and the mailing list when they arrive and after they have checked in with the department and the SESE Office.


Scholarship conduct
Publication process
Exchanging ideas

  • Code: Although sharing is greatly encouraged in the lab, code sharing must be done with precaution. Code sharing is allowed between members working on a common project. For other cases as a general rule of thumb, questions regarding this issue should be discussed with Anand, Shaowen, or Yan.
  • Papers: Papers should not be disseminated to anyone outside until after they have been accepted. If there is any confusion on this subject matter, Anand, Shaowen, or Yan should be consulted with questions on this matter.

Authorship vs contribution
Research area/topic establishment
Dealing with overlapping research areas and topics
Templates (presentation, poster, project proposal, tech reports)


Responsibilities in development projects
Code sharing (see: “Research,” Exchanging Ideas)
Development resource allocation
Technology learning and training
Licenses and ownership of software
Templates and coding rules

  • There are specific rules and regulations regarding the “brand” of Illinois as well as graphic standards that digital and printed media (ex: logos, Powerpoint presentations, and poster templates) must follow.
  • Link to the Illinois Identity Standards webpage:


Member Directory

Using lab resources

  • Lab printing resources are to be used strictly by members of the lab unless otherwise specified by Shaowen, Yan or Anand.
  • Printer use is for work purposes only.

Office access

  • Office access to people outside of the lab should be granted at the discretion of the lab members.
  • Lab members will be held accountable for any misconduct from anyone outside of the lab.

Office space

  • Individual office space should be kept neat.
  • If eating in the lab, do not get food on the machines or on the floor. Leftover food should be disposed of in trash cans in the hallways outside of lab rooms.

Phones and polycom

  • Office and lab phones should be used for lab-related purposes.

Network Access

  • In order for new students to log onto lab machines and have access to the Geography network, a request must be made through ATLAS Desktop & Tech Support ( giving the students netID and the specific network they are to be added to.

Desktop access (admin permission granting, remote desktop)

  • Lab members should consult someone with administrative access before downloading anything with requires an administrator’s consent.
  • No one in the lab should have administrative access except those granted, and members should turn off the administrator option if they are not granted access.

Lab security

  • IT security
  • Viruses
  • Inappropriate use of university/lab computers - Watching streaming video/music clips, or download anything that you do not know the licensing rights to is prohibited.
  • The policies for using UIUCnet are located here:
  • If downloading a large amount of data or some other high bandwidth service or project, contact CITES beforehand in order to minimize disruptions to others using the network.

Personal use of lab computers

  • When using a university/lab-owned desktop, log out so that others have access to the machine.
  • Personal computer use should be kept to a minimum.
  • Pirating or downloading/viewing any pirated files is prohibited.
  • UIUCNet should be used appropriately according to University policy. For a list of University Appropriate Use policies, visit:

Office security and maintenance

  • Either Shaowen, Yan or Anand should be informed if there is a maintenance issue. They will then inform the administrative staff in the Geography Department office, who will handle the maintenance issue directly with the Facilities and Services department.
  • When leaving the lab unattended, always shut and lock the door. If you are leaving 324 but returning in a short time, it is unnecessary to lock the door as long as it is kept shut.
  • If leaving a room that has a coffee pot, make sure the coffee pot is turned off and the pot is empty.

Dealing with conflicts

  • In order to keep the CIGI Lab an open and productive research atmosphere, lab members are encouraged to communicate with one another to work together to resolve conflicts. If a solution is not made through one-on-one communication, please bring your concerns directly to Anand, Shaowen or Yan.


  • If you have scheduled travel plans, make sure to inform Anand, Shaowen and Yan of the dates in which you will be gone, and when you will be returning.
  • In addition, please mark the dates in which you will be away on the vacation wiki, located here: