CIGI News & Events


GISolve becomes the first gateway for enabling the Science Gateway Credential

[11/16/2008] GISolve becomes the first TeraGrid science gateway that supports TeraGrid-wide Science Gateway Credential in our gateway community. The implementation is based the GridShib SAML Tools version 0.5.0. Look at TeraGrid gateway credential wiki page for details.

SimpleGrid 0.7.0 released with significant enhancements

[11/14/2008] SimpleGrid 0.7.0 is released. Two major new features are 1) support multiple portlet containers, i.e., Jetspeed 2.2 and GridSphere 3.0.5; 2) support GridShib SAML Tool 0.5.0. SimpleGrid 0.7.0 is independent of portlet containers, therefore can be deployed on any portal servers that support JSR-168 Java PortletAPI standard. Deployment on Jetspeed 2.2 portal server is built and tested. Jetspeed 2.2 supports Pluto, the Reference Implementation (RI) of the Java Portlet Specfication. GridSphere is still supported in SimpleGrid 0.7.0, but will be removed in the next version. For science gateway security, SimpleGrid 0.7.0 integrated GridShib SAML Tool 0.5.0 and has conducted successful tests with RP-side GridShib GT package by using GridShib's test machine on TeraGrid: Please go to SimpleGrid downloading site to download and try.

CIGI welcomes new members

[09/06/2008] In our group gathering, CIGI welcomes two new members to join us: Yingjie Xia and Sheng Ye. Yingjie is a visiting scholar from Zhejiang University, China. He will work with us for one year in distributed computing and Grid portal technologies. Sheng Ye is a new graduate student in the Department of Geography, co-advised by Dr. Shaowen Wang. A gathering picture is here.

Shaowen and Yan presented at ICHASS HASS Workshop

[7/31/2008] At the workshop of High-Performance Computing in the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences: Information-Rich Environments for Research and Teaching, organized by ICHASS as part of Supercomputing 2008 education program, Dr. Shaowen Wang presented “Introduction to Visual Representations of Data” and “GIS Tools: From Desktop and Internet to Cyberinfrastructure”, and Yan Liu conducted the “Lab with GIS tools” using the SimpleGrid education toolkit. GISolve and SimpleGrid were used to illustrate cyberinfrastructure-based geospatial analysis and sharing as science gateways.

SimpleGrid-0.6.2 released with enhanced GridShib SAML credential

[6/2/2008] SimpleGrid 0.6.2 is released. The major improvement over 0.6.1 is the direct use of enhanced GridShib SAML Tools 0.4.1 with flexible SAML attribute association with Grid credentials. This version will be used by NCSA GridShib team for TeraGrid 2008 BOF “Attribute-Based Auditing and Authorization for Science Gateways” and science gateway face-to-face meeting

Dr. Wang received a grant to develop a geospatial informatics course

[4/11/2008] Dr. Shaowen Wang was awarded an education grant by the Illinois Informatics Institute to develop a course on geospatial informatics through his collaboration with guest lecturers: Dr. Jiawei Han (Computer Science) and Dr. James D. Myers (NCSA). The course will be made available to both undergraduate and graduate during the spring semester of 2009.

Dr. Tang received a NASA-MSU Professional Enhancement Award

[4/10/2008] Dr. Wenwu Tang was selected as a recipient of the “NASA-MSU Professional Enhancement Awards,” which are supported by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and Michigan State University (MSU) for attending US-IALE 2008 (the 23rd annual conference of the U.S. Regional Association of the International Association for Landscape Ecology), in Madison/WI, April 6-10, 2008.

UCGIS-UIUC website has been updated
OSG Director visited CIGI and NCSA

[02/22/2008] Ruth Pordes, the Open Science Grid Executive Director, visited CIGI and NCSA on February 22.

A viewpoint paper was published on BioScience
Dr. Wang gave a presentation for a US congressional briefing

[02/07/2008] A presentation was given by Dr. Shaowen Wang at the congressional briefing organized by UCGIS.