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Our SimpleGrid 2.0 paper was presented in GCE09 workshop at SC09

[11/26/09] Our paper, “SimpleGrid 2.0: A Learning and Development Toolkit for Building Highly Usable TeraGrid Science Gateways”, authored by Yan Liu, Shaowen Wang, and Nancy Wilkins-Diehr, was presented in the Grid Computing Environment (GCE) 2009 Workshop at SC09 conference on November 20, 2009 at Portland, Oregon. Full-text version of the paper can be access online in ACM Digital Library

CIGI awarded 625,000 hours of supercomputing time by the NSF TeraGrid for geographic research and education

[09/23/09] The TeraGrid resource allocation award to a team led by Professor Shaowen Wang supports the project: ”Extending and Sustaining GISolve as a GIScience Gateway Toolkit for Geographic Information Analysis”. The amount of resources awarded can be understood in terms of the total number of CPU hours consumed as equivalent to uninterrupted use of a single-CPU high-end desktop computer for over 70 years. This award includes access to several most powerful supercomputers in the world for open scientific research such as the Ranger at the Texas Advanced Computer Center and, thus, will enable CIGI researchers and educators to continue, and lead on, cutting-edge computationally intensive geographic discoveries and computational geography education based on large-scale spatial analysis, parallel spatial simulation, and high-fidelity geovisualization.

Dr. Anand Padmanabhan presents the new Web GIS for Malaria Map Application at CDC

[09/23/09] Dr. Padmanabhan gave a talk at the CDC Campus at Atlanta. He presented the latest version of the Web GIS for CDC malaria map application at the CDC Branch meeting.

CIGI welcomes new graduate students: Henjun Kim, Yanli Zhao, and visiting scholar: Qian Huang from Peking University


Dr. Anand Padmanabhan co-convenes a session on security at the Open Science Grid (OSG) Site Administrators Workshop

[8/6/09] Dr. Padmanabhan co-convened a session that discussed security best practices, at the OSG site administrators workshop conducted at Indianapolis, IN. Presentations from the session can be found here.

Yan Liu and Shaowen Wang presented a SimpleGrid tutorial at SciDAC 2009


Dr. Shaowen Wang won prestigious NSF CAREER Award


Dr. Shaowen Wang has been reelected to OSG Council


Dr. Anand Padmanabhan presents an hands-on tutorial at the Open Science Grid (OSG) All Hands Meeting

[3/2/2009] Dr. Padmanabhan provided an hands-on tutorial in the security best-practices session at the OSG All Hands meeting conducted at the LIGO Livingston Observatory. Materials from the session can be found here.

Dr. Shaowen Wang has been elected to the UCGIS Board of Directors

[2/9/2009] ”The University Consortium for Geographic Information Science (UCGIS) was founded in 1994, and has been serving a multitude of needs. First and foremost is the need to unify the GIScience research and education communities and to speak with a strong voice on matters affecting resources and policies. Already, UCGIS has formulated research and education priorities, disseminated white papers on each, and promoted them to Congress and federal agencies. UCGIS assesses progress in relation to major federal programs and national interests ...... ” (UCGIS Strategic Plan). The Board of Directors, consisting of nine delegates, three of which are the President, Vice President (President-Elect), and immediate Past-President of the UCGIS Council, is the main administrative body of the Council.

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