CIGI Postdoc Check-in Procedure

Apartment Search

  • We will assign a CIGI member to assist apartment search. The prospective postdoc is encouraged to look for apartments using online resources, too.

Department Check-in

  • Check in with your faculty mentor.
  • Check with with the department administrator, or HR representative (the Geography Department's HR rep is Jennifer Drennan). This step is important because Jennifer will need certain documents from you and will need to you complete new hire paperwork before you are able to start your postdoc work.
  • Complete the information on the NESSIE New Hire website. Jennifer will give you instructions on how to do this, and if you have any further questions, you may ask someone in your hiring unit.

International Scholars

  • Set up a bank account. University Payroll deposits funds via direct deposit.
  • If you are an international scholar, check in with International Student and Scholar Services. The office is on the 4th floor of the Student Services Building located at 610 E. John Street in Champaign.


  • Set up your computer accounts and passwords with CITES, UIllinois' campus technology service.
  • If a laptop is needed, we will allocate a laptop. If one's own laptop is used, the wired connection needs DHCP registration with your UIUC AD (NetID) username and password. You will need your netid and password to access wireless connection to UIUCnet or UIUC-WPA2.

I-Card and SSN

  • Pick up your University identification card, also known as your I-Card. Make sure to bring your passport, state ID or drivers license to the ID Center at the Illini Union Bookstore (809 S. Wright Street). The ID Center is located near the TCF bank toward the back of the store on the first floor. With your I-Card, you are able to ride public transit for free and check out library materials. FYI: If you punch a hole in your I-Card in order to put it onto a lanyard, you will be charged $20 for a new I-Card even if the reason you want to replace your I-Card does not have to do with the hole-punch.
  • Obtain a SSN (social security number) if you do not already have one.


Vehicles and Parking

  • If you have a vehicle, make sure to get it registered and obtain an Illinois driver's license at a Secratery of State Facility. The Champaign facility is located at 2401 W. Bradley Ave.
  • If you are planning to drive to campus, make sure to contact the Parking Department. You may want to purchase a parking permit if you do not want to pay for hourly meter parking.

Postdoc Resources

Lab Resource Allocation

Wiki Account and Homepage
  • A wiki account on will be created to host homepage and compose work-related wiki pages.
Office space
  • An office space will be allocated for daily use.
Office keys
  • Our department secretary, Susan Etter, will be the person of contact to get 2 keys to access lab: one to lab door, the other to building door (during off hours and weekends). The keypad password will be given, too.
  • Lab printer (geog-316-hpp4015dn) can be configured on assigned computer for printing purposes.

Help and Questions

  • Lastly, if you have any further questions, you can contact Geography Graduate Contact Susan Etter ( in Davenport 220, CIGI Office Assistant Julie Carlson ( in Davenport 324, or the Graduate College at UIUC (