Don Keefer


Contact Information

Main Office: 433 Natural Resources Building
CIGI/CyberGIC Center Office: 3102A NCSA
Personal Web Page is here.


As of Fall, 2013, I have joined the CIGI Lab team as a PhD student, working on a degree in spatial analytics within Illinois Informatics Institute (I3). In my research and dissertation work, I am studying the application of statistical- and machine-learning algorithms and visual analytics to spatial and spatial-temporal problems in near-surface hydrogeology.

In addition to being a part of the CIGI and I3 teams, I am a Senior Hydrogeologist within the Hydrogeology and Geophysics Section, and the Head of the Earth Systems Visualization Laboratory, all at the Illinois State Geological Survey (ISGS). The ISGS is a division of the Prairie Research Institute on the UIUC campus.

I have been with the ISGS since October, 1985 where I have worked on a range of projects focusing on shallow groundwater flow, water quality, and methods for characterizing and modeling heterogeneous hydrogeologic systems. In all of these efforts, I have been involved with the integration of novel technologies to advance the research and the use of research products. I received a BS in Geology ('85) and an MS in Agronomy ('93) from UIUC. My Master's thesis research looked at pesticide and nutrient transport in a tile-drained field.