Investigating Spatial Dynamics of Isotope in Meteoric Precipitation

Mapping spatio-temporal distribution patterns of isotopic composition (O18, H2) in meteoric precipitation, and investigating their intrinsic connections with atmospheric circulation patterns in the United States.

Data Description

As part of the USNIP (United States Network for Isotopes in Precipitation) program, the precipitation data were collected weekly (roughly) at $77$ monitor sites across the United States for 1989-1994. The dataset includes observations of precipitation amount, sample volume, O18, H2, and deuterium excess values. Missing precipitation amount is filled according to precipitation volume, and when precipitation volume is also absent, it is filled with the average precipitation amount of the same month in the previous year at same sites. In this study, data collected at $76$ sites in the conterminous United States of the total $77$ sites are analysed.


*Preliminary results are added in the report.

Please check the report at for updated progress of this research.

Project Team: Guofeng Cao, Gabriel Bowen and Shaowen Wang