Investigating Spatial Dynamics of Unemployment: A Case Study of the State of Ohio

This project is to investigate spatiotemporal patterns of the unemployed labour force in the Ohio state for the past forty years.


Xinyue's original data are in csv file, and I have incorporated them together as a shape file, available at:


* Please check the report at for updated progress on this project.

* According to Xinyue, two typical counties of the Ohio state, the Franklin county and the Lucas county, were particularly analyzed.

* It takes about half day to finish the analysis of 96 months of data for total 88 counties of Ohio. I have deployed the computing environment (R statistics) on Trestle, part of San Diego supercomputer, to accommodate all the data we have. It seems something is still missing to really let R take advantages of the computational resources.

Project Team: Guofeng Cao, Xinyue Ye and Shaowen Wang