Honghong Chen


09/1997-07/2000 Master Studies in Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering (Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing), Xihua University
09/1990-07/1994 Undergraduate Studies in Hydraulic Machinery, Xihua University.

• Digital Image Processing
• Computer Software Testing
• Computer algorithms

• Computer Application Foundation
• C/C++ Programming
• Database Principle
• Software Engineering
• Software Project Management
• Computer Graphics
• Software Reliability and Testing Technology
• Software Development and Design In Practice
• Data Structure

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• Wind Turbine Blade Aerodynamic Shape Optimization Design Research (No.2014GZ0084), from Science and Technology Department of Sichuan Province, June,2014-Now, Member
• Guotong Customer Service System,( No.042000087) from Jinyuntong Corporation, July 2006-December 2010, Team Leader
• The Self-Service Terminal Equipment Communication Protocol in Mobile Business Hall(No. 08226033) ,from Yiyitong Corporation, October 2008-July 2009, Member
• Sichuan Changhong CNKI Database Information Retrieval Service(No. 08226033), from Changhong Corporation, January 2008-December 2008, Team Leader

Contact Information

Name: Honghong Chen
Address: School of Computer and Software Engineering, Xihua University, China,
Chengdu, Sichuan, China, 610039
Phone: (+86)13880638286
E-mail: chenhh@mail.xhu.edu.cn