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Thesis Chapter update date download my comments advisor's comments
IntroChapter15/18 available (4) I wasn't sure if we can consider SOM as one of spatial analysis method, though we use SOM for spatial analysis.-
LiteratureChapter25/15 available(3)--
Case StudyChapter34/25|3.1~3.3.1(3)|
|3.2 (3)|
I reviewed Shaowen's editing on the first first 4 pages.I made minor changes (indicated in red). Two files are attached here.
I can't really think about a good name for my new method. I call it a new pattern recognition method, but not sure if the name is proper. I am still thinking about it
ArchitectureChapter45/15 available(3) --

The number in () represent progress status
(1) The very first draft has been just completed. Some new content might be added.At this stage, you are welcome to check to see if I am making any major mistakes or not. But it would not be ready for editing.
(2) After the very first draft is completed. Only one time is reviewed with fresh eyes.
(3) Reviewed by myself at least three times. It will be hard to make more progress without other people's review.
(4) After advisor's feedback, Rewrite up has been completed

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