Project Description

Create three maps highlighting the borders/boundaries, cities and communities that are specified below for use in a book publication. Maps 2 and 3 should have an inset map of Brazil in the corner, with each of the specified communities and cities highlighted. Information, links and resources for each component of the maps is listed below.



Created map showing the political boundaries of the countries bordering Brazil, with Brazil highlighted. I can add a basemap in the background if that is preferred.
maps_capitalsfixed.pdf Click on the icon on the left to view the map.

  • Should I erase the political boundaries within the countries that are bordering Brazil?

4/9 - Updated map with a basemap: map_basemap.pdf
4/10 - Map of Sao Paulo with inset of Brazil: spmap_withinset.pdf


Currently, I am geocoding (matching the map that was provided to me with the map data that I am working with in ArcGIS) the Bahia Map (MAPA.jpg) into ArcGIS to create a shapefile of the cities, communities, Bay of Iguape and Ball of All Saints into ArcGIS.
Bahia Shapefile :

Bahia Map being Georeferenced:

Bahia Georeferenced to the ArcMAP Data:
Adding points that will represent communities and cities in Bahia:

Here is the finished sample map, excluding a title and the communities of Caonge, Tombo, Engenho de Victoria, and Caimbongo Velho:

I will add the geographic information (cities, communities, Bays) today (6/5) and will upload the map when this stage is complete. I will use the same steps to complete Map #2.
Once the communities are added onto the map, a basemap will be added. Please let me know ways in which colors, fonts, symbology, scales, etc. can be adjusted and changed.

Questions about Map #3::
1.) In which corner of the map is the community of Caonge circled in pencil? I am unable to find it.
2.) Do you have any resources in which I should use in order to find the locations of Tombo, Engenho de Vitoria, and Caimbongo Velho? I am not finding anything online, in books, etc.
3.) Should “Bay of Iguape” and “Bay of All Saints” be labeled in English or Portuguese?

I georeferenced the map of quilombos in Sao Paulo and created three shapefiles of quilombos and cities in Sao Paulo. If the appearance looks inconsistent with the Bahia map, I can also use points to represent the locations of quilombos and cities in Sao Paulo. Here is the sample map:


  • Have a meeting with Dr. Bowen planned for Tuesday, July 9th.

On the agenda:

  1. Creating greyscale versions of each map to accompany the color-versions.
  2. Incorporate the map of Brazil into a larger map (Dr. Bowen will bring an example to the meeting as a reference)
  3. Reduce the inset map in Ribiera Valley. Add Atlantic Ocean label. Correct spelling from Mendira to Mandira (also, is Mandira bordering the river or ocean? River).
  4. Fix the point location of Salvador (must be closer to the ocean–the road needs to touch the quilombo community—we will do this together during the meeting).
  5. The map of the Iguape Valley and Basin is missing Dende (#3), which appears on the other map of quilombo communities. ***
  6. Insert the location of a fair—Feira de Sao Joaquim?

Updated maps as of 7/9/11:
brazil0709.pdf Brazil
bahia0709.pdf Bahia, BR
bahia_quilombos0709.pdf Closeup of quilombos in Bahia, BR
saopaulo0709.pdf Sao Paulo, BR