GISolve Cloud

Initial Statement

Introduction to GISolve Cloud

Cloud resources are provided to users as one of the following three models:

  1. IaaS (Infrastructure As Services). Amazon EC2/S3 falls into this model. The major benefit of this model to users is on-demand, ready-to-use, and administration-'free' computing resource provisioning. A virtual machine, customized with predefined OS, data, and basic software, are given to cloud user for a fixed amount of time.
  2. PaaS (Platform As Services). Google AppEngine is an example. Such clouds provide API access for users to build their own platforms (Web platform in AppEngine case). For example, AppEngine provides an emulation environment as part of its software for users to develop their web applications locally. After development is done, AppEngine migrates the emulated platform to the actual web host provided by Google. On the actual web host, quality of service on web request performance, data scalability, and value-added commercial features is guaranteed by backend Google services.
  3. SaaS (Software as Services). is a typical example. By using cloud resources, a user can setup its business computing environment without owning a piece of their own IT infrastructure. CRM and other business software are immediately available on the virtual machine provided by

GISolve aims to build its cloud for the purpose of providing easy-to-use GIS analytical power based on the coupling of extensible application integration, computing resource provisioning, and Web-based problem-solving environment. Logically, it seems reasonable to make statement of GISolve Cloud as below:

GISolve Cloud employs IaaS to provide SaaS (i-GISolve) and PaaS (GISolve-X) services

Above thinking leads to the following three efforts on building the GISolve Cloud:

  1. Resource provisioning: find efficient way to build IaaS for computing resource provisioning
  2. iGISolve: package user-subscribed analytical and data resources for user-level abstraction support
  3. GISolve-X: provide a cyberinfrastructure-enabled Web-GIS platform for a domain community