Using GIS and Spatial Analysis/Modeling to Mine Public Health Data


Progress Documents



(02-26-08)Try Monte Carlo Simulation with sample data.MC to test reliability
(02-13-08)Repeat the procedure of spatial microsimulation


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FALL 2007

Data Preparation


This ZIP file includes source code (C programming language) for a sequential version of Gi*(d), a makefile for compiling the C code; and a sample synthetic dataset with which the code works. It should be straightforward to customize this code to treat a specific data format. For large datasets, we may need to use or customize a parallel version, which Shaowen will clean up and make available as needed.

Progress Documents

(Lan:11-12-07)Two papers from Dr.Tonny Oyana.Paper
(Lan:10-29-07)Find one potentially useful article about label in SOM.LabelSOM. Kmeans clustering by implementing R too little information to interpret the output.
(Lan:10-22-07)Try to find appropriate initial values of radius and alpha, and Kmeans-Clustering. Check the PPT.
(Lan:10-21-07)Find a paper about how to evaluate SOM using Order Metrix.Need more discussion and corresponding literature review.Evaluating SOMs using Oder Metrics
(Lan:10-15-07)Create the test results and raw conclusions of SOM in Unix environment. Check the following PPT.
(Lan:10-08_07)Generate late-stage ratios for the four types of cancer at zip code level from 1999 to 2003 in Illinois.
(Shaowen: 09/30/07) Linking between Geospatial Context and Self-Organizing Maps
(Shaowen: 09/30/07) Please find my answers to the questions raised in Lan's 9/27 document.
(Lan: 09/27/07) I documented my first set of experiments using R-SOM. And I also list some questions in my document. I wish to make sure my understanding is correct before extensively using R-SOM by tuning parameters.
(Lan: 09/17/07) I generated the centroid of ilzip2k with late-stage cancer cases for four types of cancer, by using Geoda and ArcGIS, and the output are ASCII files.


Self-Organizing Map (SOM)

Bayesian Geostatistical Modeling

Sara's Literature


Shaowen will ready accounts for Lan and Sara within next a few weeks.


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Project Team: Lan Luo, Sara McLafferty, Shaowen Wang