GISolve Middleware

Geospatial data are collected and analyzed to support scientific investigations and decision making in a wide variety of application domains (e.g., ecological and environmental sciences, transportation, public health, and business). Enormous computational resources are needed to store and manage geospatial data and derived information for such diverse purposes, and to conduct computationally intensive and collaborative geospatial analysis and problem solving. This type of analysis and problem solving represent a main area of geographic information science (GIScience), an interdisciplinary field involving geography and spatial sciences, computer science, geodesy, and information sciences to study scientific and technological issues about the development and use of geographic information systems (GIS). The purpose of GISolve is to provide user-friendly and spatially intelligent capabilities for performing computing- and data-intensive geospatial data analysis and problem solving, and help a large number of cyberGIS users directly benefit from accessing advanced cyberinfrastructure capabilities.

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