Application Specification File Format (ASPEC)

Aspec is in JSON format. A quick example of an Aspec file:

"app": "myapp_name",
"exe": "relative/path/to/executable",
"options": "__parameter1__ -n 100 -t __parameter2__  __inputDataset1__ __outputDataset1__",
"parameter1": "[100-2000]; Horizontal Resolution",
"parameter2": "[5, 10, 20]; Number of Nearest Neighbors",
"inputDataset1": "[fin]; Point Dataset as Input File",
"outputDataset1": "[fout]; Grid Data Output File"

Above example specifies the following information about a GISolve application:

  1. “app”: application name. The name must be alphanumeric, starting with a letter. No spaces, no special characters
  2. “exe”: relative path to application executable on GISolve development VM
  3. “options”: command line options. It is similar with runtime command options, except that those options that can be varied at runtime need to be wrapped with “__” (double underscore) at the beginning and end of option name
  4. “parameter1”: a parameter that takes any number from 100 to 2000
  5. “parameter2”: a parameter that takes value of 5, 10, or 20
  6. “inputDataset1”: [fin] means it is an input file that is specified at runtime. There can be multiple input files
  7. “outputDataset1”: [fout] means it is the output file of execution. There can be multiple output files