GISolve2: the Next Generation GISolve

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GISolve2 is our next generation GISolve. We are solidifying our architecture and software component design using a progressive approach. GISolve2 includes four core software systems:

The development of GISolve is application- and community-driven. We have created the first application: DMS in spatial interpolation. Consistently bringing in new applications is the driving force to evolve GISolve2 software system and its usability to our community users. Following is an incomplete list of applications on our todo list:

  • DMS interpolation
  • Agent-Based Modeling (ABM)
  • Gi*(d) local clustering
  • Geostatistical modeling: Markov Chain Monti-Carlo simulation
  • Land use optimization

GISolve2 is also the incubator for SimpleGrid 2.0, the science gateway tutorial project.


Yan is developing Axis2-based web service components for interfacing our web system and backend computing platform. The advantage of Axis2 is that it supports SOAP, REST, and JSON protocols simultaneously for a web service, therefore makes it desirable for service interactions with our rich client user interface components via AJAX and HTTP GET.


User Environment (UE) is the major innovation of GISolve2, compared to portal-based GISolve 1. In the world of Web application development, nowadays we are in transition from server-side model-view-control technologies (portal/portlet) to Web 2.0 rich client technologies (AJAX, JavaScript-based user interface, light-weight client-server communication (REST, JSON), Browser-based control). GISolve2 user environment will fully leverage the advance of Web 2.0 technologies and provide cutting-edge web environment for our community.


GIS support in GISolve2 is used to manage spatial data, facilitate geoprocessing, and provide spatial visualization in web system. A major principle of GIS support in GISolve2 is using open source solutions. GeoServer+OpenLayers+PostGIS is our current candidate solution.


We have plenty of expertise in cyberinfrastructure technologies for computation needs in GISolve2. We are integrating TeraGrid, OSG, and VM computing mechanisms into GISolve community-wide job management system. Major principle of CI support in GISolve2 is its transparency to users.

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