Parameter file template example

Template of template file

DATA: list of index that are related to data
CMD: command line string

dir/file1: this will be put into the file (file1) in directory dir

file2: this will be put in the file (file2)
file2: __1__ this will be replaced by the first entry in the parameters file

Template of parameter file

<number of jobs for this run>,<first parameter that replaces __1__>,<replace __2__>,...
<number of jobs for this run>,<parameter that replaces __1__>,<replace __2__>,...

NOTICE: if parameter is data, the parameter should be an integer that is the local-data id NOT THE FILE NAME

Template file example

DATA: 1,3
CMD: -f __1__

dir/file1: test file
dir/file1: test __2__

dir/file2: file2stuff
dir/file2: ... __3__

Parameter file example