Application parameter file template format


Taking ABM as example, the executable of ABM takes a parameter file as input to load all kinds of parameters needed for a ABM run. In a parameter-sweeping experiment, one or more parameters are assigned different values to study the effect of different parameter value combinations. In GISolve2 job management system, the question to ask would be:

How do we create a customized parameter file for a particular run in parameter-sweeping experiments?

This question can be answered from two folds:

  • In user environment, we provide a user interface for user to specify which parameters to evaluate and what are their value ranges. As a result, an experiment-specific parameter template is generated to incorporate information about which parameters to evaluate and what are their value ranges. This template is derived from a sample parameter file that user often uses. As an extension, user can directly upload such a template for this experiment if he knows the format of our parameter file template.
  • At job submission stage, the template is used to create parameter files for all runs.
Parameter file format

A sample parameter file for one run (bold means a parameter to be evaluated):

param1 = 1
param2 = d
param3 = 10
5.5 28 102
1000 1000

A sample parameter file template:

param1 = ___param1:[1-10]___
param2 = ___param2:[a,b,c,d,e]___
param3 = 10
___param4:[5.5, 20.5]___ 28 ___param5:[100-104]___
1000 1000

First-stage implementation

In job management system, a parser will be developed to understand a parameter file template. At this stage, we are to implement a simplified format without value range part (i.e., the part with :[...]).