Participatory component in GISolve2


  • Develop an infrastructure that will facilitate community participation in GISolve.
    • Allow developers to painlessly contribute their application to GISolve.
    • Enable sharing of application/data between users and develop mechanisms to find the right tools/data sources.


  • Anand Padmanabhan
  • Yan Liu


Jan/Feb 2010

  • AIP provides contributers/developers a mechanism to describe their application and register it with GISolve.
  • They are provided with a sandbox VM where they can deploy and test their application a GISolve VM machine.
  • AIP provides support for automatic user interface (UI) generation by the use of an application specification (aspec) language. An example of a aspec definition file can be found at dms.aspec].

Feb 25 - Mar 3

  • Add support for applications that use MPI.


  • We have a initial prototype of an Application Integration Pipeline (AIP) that allows developers to register their application with GISolve


  • Addition of provenance support could provide a crucial way to find application/data
  • When application is being registered it would be simple to register what kind of spatial data input is taken and what type of data is being generated. (This could be done by extending aspec defn.)
  • Data uploaded by the user could also be tagged with relevant provenance information.
  • The information about the data input and output formats could then be used to enable effective application and data sharing between GISolve users.