GISolve 2.1.0 alpha version

GISolve 2.0 alpha is scheduled to be released on 01/01/2010. Features to be released include:

  • A new YUI-based portal layout
  • Portal management services: user management; application management; data management; runtime analysis management; visualization management
  • Application integration pipeline: application registration, workbench computing resource allocation, application service encapsulation and deployment, and application integration
  • Computation: local (VM) computing mode; Grid computing mode (partial)
  • Applications: DMS, ABM, THREW Water Modeling
  • Streamlined application integration test cases: PGA, Viewshed analysis

Work Breakdowns

GISolve Portal (Yan and Yanli)
  1. To be available: 12/20
  2. Portal layout
  3. Application portlet layout customization
  4. Usability test
Portal security and user management (Yan)
  1. To be available: 12/20
  2. HTTPS on browser-web server communication
  3. Authorization on application service and geoserver access
  4. Integration into GISovle portal
Application registration and user interface generation (Yan and Yanli)
  1. To be available: 12/24
  2. Application integration pipeline UI and backend db
  3. Application portlet template
    1. Job management template (javascript + php)
    2. Visualization template (javascript + php)
Application service creation (Yan)
  1. Utility tool to create Axis2 service package automatically (12/15)
Application workbench hosting (Yan and Anand)
  1. Allocation of VM: manual process through ticketing system
  2. Deployment of application service on VM (12/18)
Grid computing mode (Eric, Anand, and Yan)
  1. Manual process for code deployment on OSG and TeraGrid
  2. Interface with GISolve
  3. Job submission management (preparation)
  4. Job status monitoring
  5. Job output management
Visualization (Anand and Sheng)
  1. Improve the performance of DMS, ABM, and Water Modeling viz (12/20)
  2. Develop generic modules for identifying and rendering geo-referenced data output
  3. Programming support on geoserver operations (12/28)
Applications (Yan, Yanli, and Sheng)
  1. DMS and ABM (12/23)
  2. Water Modeling (12/24)