Project Plan

This page lists the evolving project plan associated with GISolve2.

Task List

TODOs Note Deliver date Token Owners Helpers Progress
Parameter file template format and parsing 03/16 Yan Format specification
ABM user interface 03/25 Yan Yingjie
DB design for parameter sweeping job management includes data and parameter file management; experiment to job mapping 03/20 Yan, Anand, Yingjie
DB interface for parameter sweeping job management php interface to CRUD db tables; file movement 03/27 Yingjie
Data server setup apache; gridftp server 03/20 Yingjie
Condor-G submission site Condor; Axis2; GT4 submission test 03/20 Anand Yan on Axis2
Condor-G submission utility create param files; static match-making 03/25 Anand
ABM on TG deployment, runtime data env 03/20 Yan Wenwu on verifying
ABM on OSG job wrapper for abm on osg 03/30 Anand Wenwu on verifying
Monitoring Condor API; db update 03/30 Yingjie Anand on Condor API
ABM Viz viz requirements; result aggregation; postgis import; overlay creation 03/31 Wenwu Eric on postGIS, Anand on geoserver
PostGIS boundary filtering US boundary and Yellow Stone boundary 03/25 Yingjie Yan on US bnd data; Wenwu on YS
Viz VM setup apache+tomcat+geoserver+openlayers+postgis 03/20 Anand 100%

Note: There might be a problem with how users might store result data between experiments. They might be using the same result file (e.g. fopen(“p.dat”)). This can cause problems in TG environment, and might require application rewite.

TODOs Note Deliver date Token Owners Helpers
User management drupal 03/17 Yan
Authentication mod_rewrite + mod_ssl 03/18 Yan
OSG: identify gisolve user check policy 03/27 Anand
Consult for comprehensive solution Meet Jim Basney TBA Yan & Anand
OpenID exploration How to bring in more users in other community? April Yingjie Yan
TODOs Note Deliver date Token Owners Helpers open source project site April Yan & Yingjie Eric on web design
Documentation achieve great usability May Yan & Eric Yingjie
TG community account quarry VMs, 'simplegrid' community account May Yan
Usability test find bugs, bumps; improve usability May All cigiers