GISolve 2.1.0 alpha 1 Internal Test


Portal Layout
  1. GISolve2 portal layout is self-made using YUI2. It's still primitive.
  1. HTTPS for secure login
  2. Web user session is enabled. Default session time is 30 minutes
Login and User Management
  1. Old GISolve users have been migrated to GISolve2
  2. Password recovery through temporary email link
  3. Registration takes effect immediately. No need to wait for email or manual approval
Application Integration Pipeline (AIP)
  1. AIP is the process for user to contribute their Linux-friendly non-GUI applications to GISolve community
  2. AIP workflow: Register app info → Get a Linux VM → Compile and test code → Compose a specification file (.aspec) → Get a registration token from portal → Run 'appreg' command on VM to register app → Verify registration in portal → Generate Web interface for parameter input and file uploading → Test app in portal → Publish

Development Environment

  1. Web portal server VM:
  2. VM:



Working In Progress

  1. Integration of the first application: DMS
  2. Data selector and user data management component
  3. Search function
  4. Better portal layout customization

Known Problems

  1. Portal layout is primitive. Feedback needed to design a better homepage
  2. Homepage lacks of information. Feedback needed to fill empty panels
  3. In AIP, auto-generated parameter input and file uploading interface could not be destroyed and re-rendered again. Solved
  4. Since the working dir of a job is created dynamically at execution stage, user code must change (e.g., DMS) to correctly invoke executables Solved
  5. Lack of guideline and instructions in AIP steps.
  6. AIP tabview UI component has problem running in IE 7.
  7. Syntax checking on AIP forms is limited now


  1. Sample ASPEC file for app registration: []
  2. Command usage for 'appreg' on VM: /opt/gisolve2/bin/appreg registration_token location_to_aspec_file