Project: Geoserver/Openlayers-based visualization in GISolve


  • Yan Liu
  • Anand Padmanabhan
  • Sheng Ye
  • Yanli Zhao


  • Develop specialized geoserver/openlayers tools and libraries to facilitate visualizations in GISolve


  • Programming Geoserver: Traditionally Geoserver configuration is mainly through human-machine interactions, which is clunky. Yingjie helped develop a tool to mimic HTTP requests to automate the interaction with Geoserver. Geoserver now provides REST API for invoking most of its services through REST calls. We want to understand how comprehensive andusable the REST API works.
  • Data import: In DMS, ABM, and WaterModel apps, data import utility creates huge amount of SQL insert/update statements to convert output files into Postgresql DB for visualization. It's very slow! We need scalable way to import data
  • Coloring: Instead of creating style schema manually or semi-automatically for displaying colors for values, we want to leverage the fact that Geoserver can actually directly pull color values from data table for rending, and make it reusable for other applications


Week of 12/05 - 12/12
  1. Investigate Geoserver REST APIs
  2. Rewrite data import utility for efficiency improvement
    1. Instead of creating huge SQL statement files, develop a simple utility using the COPY command in Postgresql to directly import data into viz table


  • Investigated Geoserrver's REST APIs and verified it works.
  • We have defined a data format for representing spatial and aspatial data in a text file.
    • Code has been developed to convert data presented in these formats to be stored in a postgis database.
    • This data is immediately available for visualization
  • Visualize support for any arbitrary ascii grid file added.
    • Currently a default style sheet is used for coloring. Better coloring support needs to be developed.
    • Code developed. Easily resuable.
  • Visualization support for other well known formats (e.g. shp file) need to be developed.
    • Development should be fairly straightforward.