Prototype: Step 1


Remove blocking time at web UI when triggering data import and viz layer creation at viz server after experiment output tarball is available. Delivery date: 04/11/2010

How to get the location of experiment output tarball?

For an experiment, there is an entry in central DB table 'experiment'. The following fields are of viz-jm interest:

  1. id: string id of the experiment
  2. expid: the integer id of this experiment
  3. app: the app string id of this experiment (e.g., 'DMS')
  4. status: when status==4, it means experiment output tarball is in place

The location of the tarball is ${webserver_joboutput_rooturl}/${expr_path}/results.tar.gz, where:

  1. webserver_joboutput_rooturl:
  2. expr_path: ${id}/${expid}/1/0

'1' and '0' in expr_path are runid and jobid, respectively. For an experiment which has only one run and one job, runid is 1 and jobid is 0.

How to get the file inside of the experiment output tarball?

For DMS, it is fixed. After untaring the tarball, the viz data file path is results/output

What is the script to call for data import and viz layer creation

command options: url_of_viz_data_file expr_id expr_id is the 'id' field in central DB table 'experiment'

The script should be modified to take tarball. Also, look at /var/www/dmsviz.php to see how to invoke from web.


Anand: This is done. We have a deamon ( on cgvm2 (/opt/apps/DMS/viz/). You can find the README with basic documentation in the same directory. Currently though it is designed to work for DMS application, it should be easily adaptable to other applications.

Prototype: Step 2


Make viz-jm prototype generic for the applications we support