Upgrading GISolve2 UI with YUI3


  • Yan Liu
  • Yanli Zhao

Project Goals

  1. The learning of YUI2 UI components in current GISolve2 prototype
  2. The learning of YUI3 with example-based method
  3. Rewrite YUI2 UI components with YUI3 components
  4. Leverage YUI3 new features to enhance the capability of GISolve2 UI


Week 10/07 - 10/14
  1. Setup a Linux development VM on desktop
    • Ubuntu desktop with GUI support
    • Apache + Mysql + PHP
    • Eclipse IDE for programming
  2. Study GISolve2 prototype UI source code, including data table, data source, drag&drop, openlayer/geoserver-based visualization, YUI2 programming model (Yanli)
  3. YUI3 learning part I (Yanli & Yan)
    • Output: know the difference between YUI2 and YUI3, as well as YUI3 enhanced features
  4. Modularize library loading and UI access in YUI3 (Yan)
    • Output: coding template/library for UI library loading
Week 10/25 - 10/31
  1. Convert DMS and ABM into YUI3
    • Keep YUI2 datatable: identify the code that should be kept
    • Use YUI3 dynamically loading feature to load YUI libraries
    • Replace YUI2 code with YUI3 accordingly (except datatable)