Hawkgrid - Install GPT

Note: You would need to be logged on as root for this installtion

1. Download GPT version 2.2.9 using (current version is 3.0.1 but doesn't build correctly on all systems)

% wget http://www-unix.globus.org/ftppub/gt2/2.4/2.4.0/gpt/gpt-2.2.9-src.tar.gz 

2. Create directories for gpt and globus (/usr/local/gpt and /usr/local/globus are used for examples)

% mkdir /usr/local/gpt 
% mkdir /usr/local/globus 

3. Set GPT_LOCATION and GLOBUS_LOCATION in your environment variable, E.g.

{csh} % setenv GPT_LOCATION /usr/local/gpt 
{csh} % setenv GLOBUS_LOCATION /usr/local/globus 
{bash} % export GPT_LOCATION=/usr/local/gpt 
{bash} % export GLOBUS_LOCATION=/usr/local/globus 

4. Untar the downloaded package

% tar zxvf gpt-2.2.9-src.tar.gz 

5. Change into the gpt directory and build

% cd gpt-2.2.9 
% ./build_gpt