Hawkgrid - Request a Host Certificate

System admin should perform this to allow their machines to be integrated as part of HawkGrid

1. Request a host certificate from the HawkGrid certificate issuing authority by performing

(Please ensure that your host has been properly configured with its DNS name, i.e., `hostname` returns correctly)

% grid-cert-request -service host -ca -host <fully-qualified-hostname>

Select '/O=grid/OU=UIowa/OU=HawkGrid/CN=HawkGrid CA' as your Certificate authority

After you enter a passphrase, this creates


2. Email the hostcert_request.pem file to HawkGridCA Registration Authority sponsor

Shaowen Wang shaowen-wang@uiowa.edu

3. Wait for an email response with your host certificate from Shaowen

4. Replace the empty /etc/grid-security/hostcert.pem file with the signed host certificate.