Hawkgrid - Request a User Certificate

Users must request their certificates use HawkGrid

1. Log on your user account to run the following where Name is your full name:

% grid-cert-request -cn 'Name' -ca

Select '/O=grid/OU=UIowa/OU=HawkGrid/CN=HawkGrid CA' as your certificate authority After you enter a passphrase, this creates

~$USER/.globus/usercert.pem (empty)

2. Email the usercert_request.pem file to the HawkGridCA Registration Authority sponsor

Shaowen Wang shaowen-wang@uiowa.edu

3. Wait for an email response with your host certificate from Shaowen

4. Replace the empty ~$USER/.globus/usercert.pem file with the signed user certificate

The certificate should be owned by the user, and read-only for other users The key should be read-only by the owner

5. To test that the HawkGridCA certificate is installed and that your certificate is in place run:

% grid-proxy-init -debug -verify

After entering your passphrase, a successful output should display 'Proxy Verify OK' along with the time till which new proxy is valid.

6. Contact the administrator of the site(s) at which you submit jobs and have them add your user certificate to /etc/grid-security/grid-mapfile. This may be done for you if you wish to only use HawkGrid.