Land Use and Land Cover Change


  • Anand Padmanabhan
  • Wenwu Tang
  • Sheng Ye
  • Yanli Zhao

Project Goals

  1. Literature search and data collection and processing for land use, land cover (LULC) for the study region of Illinois.


Week 10/09 - 10/16
  • Anand, Wenwu, Sheng and Yanli met Friday afternoon to discuss the steps involved in the project
  • Anand created a citeulike group called landuse where all the related papers will be collected
  • We agreed that Sheng will collect atleast 10 quality papers in the LULC field
  • Sheng will also download the land cover data from Illinois GIS clearing house.
10/16/09 - 10/23
  • Download census-block datasets (including TIGER files in ESRI ShapeFile and population) and process and combined these data into a single GIS dataset (by Sheng).
  • Write a C program/function for the calculation of shortest-distance to, for example, water and residential (supposed in raster formats) for a specific point/cell and then apply this to calculate shortest-distance to water for all centroids of census blocks in Champaign County (by Sheng)
  • Sheng will also search for Cadastral data for atleast Champaign county.
10/23 - 10/30
  • Task for Sheng
    • Share the dataset with us through everest.
    • Put the code on SVN and run the program to calculate the distance from nearest water source against 10000×10000 and 100000×100000 grid.
  • Task for Yanli
    • Calculate the preportion of landuse type for each census block.
    • Derive distance to urban area from each cell on landscape using ArcGIS for Champaign county.
10/31 - 11/06
  • Task for Sheng
    • N/A
  • Task for Yanli
    • Use ArcGIS ModelBuilder to extract and export crop data (1999-2007) into ASCII grid formats (transform datasets into the same projection needed)
    • Write code to calculate the proportion of landuse type for each census block (for crop data from 1999-2007).
    • Derive distnce to water from each cell on landscape using ArcGIS for Champaign county.
11/09 - 11/13
  • Task for Yanli
    • Download and process 2008 dataset and extract crop type info using C code.
    • Extract land cover proportion over years for census tract in Champaign
    • Create pie chart maps to shown the proportion of corn and soybean planted each year (1999-2008)
    • Create bar chart maps to shown the planted crops (corn and soybean) from 1999-2008.
    • Learn the Perl code that Anand wrote and compare with the C code.


  • Anand wrote a simple perl code to calculate preposition of land-cover
    • Result in /cigi/data-grid/data/cigi/landuse/Results/