MIP Example

MIP Integrator Example */

This example is utilizing the MIP Integrator. The information is gathered from GROW's production cluster (rtgrid1) and Integration Test-Bed (ITB) cluster (grow-itb) using remote MIP instances on the computing elements, storage elements, and computation nodes. It is then pushed to the MIP Integrator and using the “glue” producer all the information produced is valid according to the GLUE Schema.

Both MIP examples above are producing information based on the GLUE Schema 1.2 (XML implementation). The information is being published by MDS4 using the new rpprovider framework available from Globus. The information is viewable using WebMDS also included in Globus. We have developed a custom data format (xsl) for the Glue Schema in both of these examples. This data format is currently in development so changes in the page format should be expected.