MIP Todo

Should implement

  1. LDAP Producer
    1. Add UniqueID to everything
  2. Setup system
    1. pkg-installer
    2. module-installer
    3. use osg-configure style system
    4. need to “preanswer” questions if possible
    5. or remember previous answers
  3. Move mip-remote and Integrator to library functions (look @)
  4. Check if VO user exists (GUMS, LDAP) considerations (borrow from GIP if they have working solution)
  5. Define PlatformType in SubCluster
  6. Allow parallel execs (i.e. write to tmp files, then copy)
  7. Limit hosts integrator accepts
    1. Convert FQDN to IP addresses!
  8. SC question
    1. How many nodes? In config file
  9. Add module timeout Note: Default to 60 seconds (might need to change)
  10. Add mip-remote command line argument to push to multiple integrators
  11. Make functions into libraries
  12. Add mip-remote command line argument to push to multiple integrators

Possible Ideas

  1. Use XML Namespaces (with versions to provide logical separation)
    1. Gerson requested this for APAC, they currently wrap MIP to include namespaces
    2. Need to look into namespaces further for the best implementation
  2. Cache module output
  3. Parallelize packages / parents / modules
  4. Create MIP schema for standardized interface for modules / producers
  5. include lsb_release exceptions
  6. add “all” keyword for cluster abstract later
  7. Make validator
  8. Modules to remove XML entities
  9. Determine better way for inbound network connectivity


  1. Check for proper files for each remote MIP instance
    1. Missing stuff
      1. WN - no SSL.pm
      2. SE
        1. no grid3-user-vo-map
        2. no osg-attributes.conf


  1. Make MIP pkg
  2. MIP Arch
  3. Cluster name abstraction
  4. Element interpretation - all


  1. no SSL.pm ← offer a non-SSL version
  2. ACL name != VO name (cms != uscms)
  3. multiple exec simultaneously
  4. JobManger output twice
  5. CPU Clock → int



installer ldap


maui re-use library functions (condense code)