SimpleGrid is a software toolkit for building and teaching science and engineering gateways to cyberinfrastructure. SimpleGrid adopts the technologies used in GISolve middleware. The design of SimpleGrid takes a component-based approach so that individual modules can be reused and extended in building sophisticated science and engineering gateways. SimpleGrid provides both programming interfaces and automated scripting mechanisms to sandwich applications between Web and cyberinfrastructure resources and capabilities.

Online Access

SimpleGrid on the XSEDE Science Gateway Hosting Cluster

SimpleGrid/CyberGIS gadgets on Apache Rave sandbox


Toolkit software download


Java API

SimpleGrid 2.3 Java API
SimpleGrid 0.7.0 Java API
SimpleGrid 0.6.2 Java API

User Manual

SimpleGrid Tutorial Documentation (V2.0): under development
How to modify SimpleGrid to run your MPI code on TeraGrid?
SimpleGrid Tutorial Documentation (V0.7.0)
SimpleGrid Tutorial Documentation (Draft Version 0.1.3)


XSEDE'12 hands-on tutorial for building science gateway applications on cyberinfrastructure
SciDAC'09 Presentation Slides: Building a Simple TeraGrid Science Gateway
Link to All Presentation Slides for the TG07 Building Blocks for Science Gateways Tutorial
Videos for the Tutorial
TG07 Presentation Slides: Building Blocks for a Simple TeraGrid Science Gateway - A GISolve Approach

SimpleGrid on TeraGrid

TeraGrid science gateway wiki page on SimpleGrid
Adding attribute-based authentication to science gateway portal code (Java) using GridShib SAML Tools


Project Team: Yan Liu, Stuart Martin, Shaowen Wang, and Nancy Wilkins-Diehr