SimpleGrid TG09 Tutorial Plan


  • SimpleGrid 2.0: what is the niche?
  • Get Nancy invovled to find the niche for this tutorial
  • Focus on developers or users?

For developers

TG service integration
  • Integration through web service interaction
  • What does TG provide? resource prediction, information service, etc.
  • What does a gateway need? job management/scheduling, usage reporting/statistics
  • How to do it? develop utilities as ws clients to fetch info. from TG; wrap utilities in portlet
  • Illustration through one example: be simple
Community account management and security
  • Community account credential management
  • Attribute-based authentication
  • Example: provide gateway user usage report (need Stu's help on TGCDB logging db)
Reusable portlet development and portal choice
  • Illustrate standard portlet development process
  • Simple integration into multiple portals