Globus Error: 43


Globus error 43: the job manager failed to stage the executable

Known cause:

The file may not exist.


Ensure that the file exists at the specified path.

Known cause:

This can also be a result of file permissions.


Check file permissions on the specified file. Change them so that the remote site can access the executable.

Known cause:

Globus cannot find the executable. Often, this is caused by failed communication between the jobmanager (i.e. condor, pbs) and localhost and can indicate firewall/hostname/internet connectivity issues.


  • Make certain that $GLOBUS_TCP_PORT_RANGE is set.

> $

$GLOBUS_TCP_PORT_RANGE should be set as a persistent env variable in /etc/profile, or exported when you source Globus. Note: you may need the help of the person in charge of firewalls at your site to choose an appropriate port range.


$ export GLOBUS_TCP_PORT_RANGE=20000,25000


> 20000,25000

  • Make certain $GLOBUS_HOSTNAME and $HOSTNAME are set correctly. Note: While $HOSTNAME should be set, you can specify which host to use as opposed to setting $GLOBUS_HOSTNAME
$ export $GLOBUS_HOSTNAME = `hostname`

  • Remember to check that the client's firewall rules are compatible with Globus' range
  • If you are using condor to submit jobs, make sure to restart it before re-submitting the job.

See also

You will want to check the Condor port range as well: Condor port range