Globus Error: 7


GRAM Job submission failed because an authentication operation

failed (error code 7)

Known causes:

Your DN is not in the gridmap file.
Most commonly, this error is seen by new users submitting jobs who have obtained their certificates but have not had their DN added to a VOMS server. After a DN is added to a VOMS server, it should be taken up by all VOMS servers and added to gridmap files for those sites. There are a few exceptions:

  • Grid administrators can remove entries from their gridmap files.
  • Grid sites are not required to support every VO.


To have your DN added to a VOMS server, you will need to contact an administrator of a site currently supporting a VOMS server and have them add your DN. They will need the following information provided by grid-proxy-init -subject:

$ grid-proxy-init -subject

> /DC=org/DC=<issuer>/OU=<group>/CN=<your_name> <unique_id>/CN=<CN_num>

It will take a short period of time (usually a matter of hours) for the DN to be taken up by that particular VOMS server and longer for it to spread to others.

If an administrator has removed your DN or a site does not support your VO, you should contact them with inquiries.