OSG Troubleshooting Survey questions

  • When things do not work, are you satisfied with the troubleshooting experience on OSG in the last year? Please provide detailed comments.
  • If you have worked with the troubleshooting team in the past year. Please comment on your experience and how the process might be further improved.
  • Do you check with the troubleshooting twiki to resolve problems?/ Troubleshooting twiki provides a useful source of information to resolve problems? (Agree-Disagree). How can it be made more useful?
  • What additional resources can troubleshooting team to provide that will help you with better and faster problem resolution.
  • Campaigns conducted by the troubleshooting team over the past six months to 1) Help end users run jobs on OSG; and 2) Help Grid Admins Install or Upgrade to OSG 0.8.0 Production Release; are useful. (Agree-Disagree) Please provide comments.
  • Are there persistent problem areas of OSG infrastructure that have impacted on your VO and you believe the troubleshooting team should investigate?