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 __**Julie**__:\\  __**Julie**__:\\ 
 **Monday**: __Class__: 1-1:50pm; 2;3:50pm __Lab__: 9-12pm, 4-5pm\\  **Monday**: __Class__: 1-1:50pm; 2;3:50pm __Lab__: 9-12pm, 4-5pm\\ 
-**Tuesday**: __Class__: 9:30-10:50am, 11-12:50pm, 1-1:50pm; 2-4:50pm __Lab__: 8-9am (reach by email)\\ +**Tuesday**: __Class__: 9:30-10:50am, 11-12:50pm, 1-1:50pm; __Lab__: 2-5pm \\ 
 **Wednesday**: __Class__: 2-3:50pm __Lab__: 3-5pm (will likely be in 324 earlier than 3pm)\\  **Wednesday**: __Class__: 2-3:50pm __Lab__: 3-5pm (will likely be in 324 earlier than 3pm)\\ 
-**Thursday**: __Class__: 9:30-10:45am, 11-12:50pm, 1-1:50pm; 2-4:40pm __Lab__: 8-9am (reach by email)\\ +**Thursday**: __Class__: 9:30-10:45am, 11-12:50pm, 1-1:50pm; 2-4:40pm __Lab__: 2-5pm\\ 
 **Friday**: __Class__: 1-1:50pm; 2-3:50pm __Lab__: 10-11:00am, 2-4:00pm\\  **Friday**: __Class__: 1-1:50pm; 2-3:50pm __Lab__: 10-11:00am, 2-4:00pm\\ 
 \\ \\