University Consortium of Geographic Information Science at UIUC


  • UCGIS – goals, overview and contacts
  • Courses – look here for options to learn about GIScience and Geospatial Informatics
  • Places – centers, labs and other groups of interest
  • People – faculty, staff and students involved with UCGIS
  • Portfolio – the national UCGIS organization requires a campus-wide summary of activities every five years


The primary goal of the University Consortium of Geographic Information Science is to promote the interdisciplinary use and advancement of GIScience and GIS technologies. The UIUC UCGIS chapter includes representatives from colleges, schools, departments, centers, labs across the University. Interests among faculty and staff involved with Geographic Information Science vary. They include, but are not limited to interdisciplinary applications of GIS and spatial analysis/modeling techniques, development of new theories, methods and software in GIScience, policy and user issues, and geospatial data accessibility.

CONTACTS – Current UIUC delegates to UCGIS

Shaowen Wang, Department of Geography and NCSA, shaowen at uiuc dot edu, 217-333-7608
Maryalice Wu, LAS, malice @ uiuc dot edu

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College of Fine and Applied Arts
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  1. GEOG 468 – Biological Modeling, Bruce Hannon
  2. GEOG 469 – Spatial Ecosystem Modeling, Bruce Hannon
  3. GEOG 476 – Applied GIS to Environmental Studies, Thomas Frank
  4. GEOG 379 – Introduction to GIS, Shaowen Wang
  5. GEOG 477 - Introduction to Remote Sensing, Thomas Frank
  6. GEOG 479 - Advanced GIS, Shaowen Wang
  7. GEOG 473 - Geovisualization, Shaowen Wang
  8. GEOG 480 – Principles of GIS, Shaowen Wang
College of Veterinary Medicine
  1. PATH 560 – Spatial Epidemiology, Uriel Kitron and Marilyn Ruiz
  2. PATH 594 – Health Applications of GIS, Marilyn Ruiz
Graduate School of Library and Information Science
  1. LIS 590CI – Community Information Systems, Ann Bishop

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On the UCGIS listserv in April 2008
kingsley@UIUC.EDU Kingsley Allan ISWS
malice@AD.UIUC.EDU Maryalice Wu ATLAS
abishop@UIUC.EDU Ann P Bishop
wmbrown@UIUC.EDU Bill Brown
jdd@UIUC.EDU Jay D. Davis
dearborn@UIUC.EDU Lynne Dearborn
deal@UIUC.EDU Brian Deal DURP
lanluo2@UIUC.EDU Lan Luo GEOG
pgraff@UIUC.EDU Philip Graff ISWS
heidorn@ALEXIA.LIS.UIUC.EDU P Bryan Heidorn
khinders@UIUC.EDU Kevin Hinders
ldhopkin@UIUC.EDU Lew Hopkins
mhwang4@UIUC.EDU Myunghwa Hwang
jthornhi@UIUC.EDU Janet Thornhill INHS
lsjackso@UIUC.EDU Larry S Jackson
sjang3@UIUC.EDU Sung-Gheel Jang
jmj@UIUC.EDU Jenny Marie Johnson
dgrigs1@UIUC.EDU Diana Grigsby-Toussaint KCH
tjohnkim@UIUC.EDU Tschango John Kim
ukitron@UIUC.EDU Uriel D Kitron
krumm@ISGS.UIUC.EDU Robert Krumm
kumar1@UIUC.EDU Praveen Kumar CE Engineering
jonglee@NCSA.UIUC.EDU Jong Sung Lee NCSA
blewis@UIUC.EDU R Barry Lewis
yflin@SWS.UIUC.EDU Yu-Feng Lin ISWS
smclaff@UIUC.EDU Sara L McLafferty GEOG
gamendoz@UIUC.EDU Guillermo A Mendoza
budic@UIUC.EDU Zorica Nedovic-Budic
japalmer@UIUC.EDU Jessica Palmer
diannep@UIUC.EDU Dianne W. Phillippe
moruiz@UIUC.EDU Marilyn O Ruiz PATH
spelke@UIUC.EDU Kenneth A Spelke
stallmyr@UIUC.EDU John Stallmeyer
sun2@UIUC.EDU Zhanli Sun
webstore@AD.UIUC.EDU Webstore UCGIS
shaowen@UIUC.EDU Shaowen Wang GEOG/NCSA
cswhite@UIUC.EDU Carolyn White CS/Sociology

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